GriefShare Leaders

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Michael & Kathy Tharp

We are the lead facilitators of the GriefShare ministry at NCC. We found that initiation into this ministry comest at a very high price: the loss of someone you dearly love.

Before we knew each other, we both lost our spouse to cancer. We had strong Christian marriages, but quickly realized that even in Christ, grief can be derailing. With our spouses' battles won, we knew they were joyfully with the Lord. But in their absence, our joy became elusive.

Without healing and restoration in Christ, grief can steal one's life. To dodge sorrow, many try to "stuff it", medicate it away, or look for any distraction from mourning's vast sadness, loneliness and confusion.

By God's grace, we were led to GriefShare, a Christ-centered grief support ministry designed to redeem, heal and restore the grief-stricken. Attending GriefShare at separate churches, we were shown godly ways of working through sorrow within a community of others who understand. True healing in Him helped prepare us for the next chapter in God's plan for our lives.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share this ministry with NCC. Welcome to GriefShare!