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New Here

New Here

The plan we have chosen will accomplish all of this for approximately $585,000 - which is far less than the millions that a new building would cost. That said, we are setting our fund-raising goal at $610,000 for contingencies.  

For most of us, when we consider this amount it seems unattainable as individuals. However, when considered as a group of people comitted to this goal, it becomes much more manageable. Based upon the number of people that give to NCC, it is possible for this project to be funded by each person increasing their giving by $40 per month. Many of us spend this on Starbucks or our favorite lunch spot each month. That said, this is based on an average and there will be some of you that are not able to increase their giving while others of you will be able to give substantially more.  We have a line of credit with our bank that will allow us to start and finish the project this year. 

We are asking that you prayerfully consider your financial stewardship and how to play your part in helping this ministry plan come to fruition.  We invite you to be a part of this exciting time in our church's history, and pray that the Lord would continue to bless the ministry at NCC for the Glory of God and the exaltation of Jesus!

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