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Welcome to Link!

If you are 18-24 years old then we invite you to join us on Thursdays at 7pm. This is a time for you to connect with each other and with our church by building friendships, discussing what is going on around us, and discovering what God has to say about it all.   

The Christian faith is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, but it is lived out with other believers in a local church.  Getting to know others that are dealing with similar challenges in college, adulthood, family, and in new careers, can be enlightening and encouraging.  Even if you’re away at school for most of the year we want to know you, to pray for you, to minister to you.  We also have fun together with social events that will make it easy to get to know others.

To learn about special events, re-schedules, study questions and more, join our Facebook group - "Link-NCC."


12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You 

12 ways your phone is changin you

We are currently working through, "12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You."  This involves great discussions about the impact of the digital world on our thinking and habits.  It's not a series of rants about the ills of social media, but rather thoughtful consideration of both the pros and cons of these little devices, and their ability to both erode and enhance our Christianity.