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Intermediary Stage Reopen FAQ

1. Where can I access information about the current plan to reopen the church?

The current plan has been communicated via email to those who are subscribed to receive emails from the church.  You can also access this information here.


2. When does the church plan to reopen for worship services?

We are currently in an Intermediary Stage, which does allows for limited on-campus meetings at this time. We will be open for worship services on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am & 10:30 am.


3. How do I sign up to attend one of the weekend worship services?

Each week, we will send out sign-ups for the Sunday worship services.  These services are attendance by sign-up only.  In order to receive those communications, you need to be subscribed to receive emails from the church, which you can do here.  You can also download the church app by texting "NEWCCAPP" to 77977.  If you turn on your app notifications, you should also receive the sign-up through the app.


4. When will children's classes resume?

We will revisit children's classes resuming after we return to on-campus meetings.  


5. If I attend a service, do I need to wear a mask?

Wearing masks is now required by the county in public spaces.  Please plan to bring a mask with you.


6. Will the live-stream broadcasts continue?

Yes!  We are very excited to have this new technology and be able to offer this service for those who are not able to attend church in person.  Please keep in mind that while this is a wonderful option for those who are physically unable to attend church due to high-risk illness or inaccessibility, these live-stream broadcasts are not an ideal substitute for worshipping and fellowshipping with the body in person longterm.  


7. What will worship be like?

The focus will continue to remain on bringing glory to God, making disciples and sharing God's love with our community.  Yet, we will practice social distancing, and a cleaning team will disinfect all high-touch surfaces before and after each surface to ensure cleanliness.  We will temporarily suspend communion until a safe alternative becomes available, and boxes for offering will be in the back of the worship center.  You may also continue to give online.  When we return to on-campus meetings, we will ask that you enter the room and find a seat you are comfortable in that is not blocked off.  Please keep 2 seats between each family unit to allow for distancing.