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Men's Summer Study

Every Wednesday until August 8, 2018

6:30am – 7:30am

Location: 410 Sovereign Ct. Ste. 13, Manchester, MO 63011

Category: Men's

"Always be killing sin or it will be killing you". These are some strong yet true words from the great puritan pastor John Owen that we must take seriously. With that truth at work in our lives, I would like to invite all men to join me this summer as we study how to kill sins, generally and specifically. From June 6th - August 8th, we will meet every Wednesday morning from 6:30-7:30 to study Colossians 3, along with other Scriptures, to see how we biblically wage war against sin in our life. We will deal with specific sins such as laziness, ungratefulness, anger, lust and many more. Each study will stand alone, so if you have to miss a week or two for vacation or work, you will be able to jump right back in.

We will meet at the offices of Agape Mortgage which is at 410 Sovereign Ct Ste 13, Manchester, MO (it is just east of Weidmann and Manchester Rd.). Hope to see you there on June 6th. For more information contact pastor Tim.

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