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Return of Nursery & Sunday School

New Community Church 

We are so excited and thankful to resume offering nursery care, and to reopen the Sunday School to our NCC families. We would like to update you on a few steps that we will be following and ask that you please help us to ensure the best return possible.

Be sure to sign up each week for church via the church email for the services you plan to attend.  This will give us a better idea of how many children to expect so that we may staff the nursery and the Sunday School classes accordingly.

We will have all four classes open for our families.  Please take note of which classroom to take your child to:

Nursery (0-2): Continue to drop off at the entrance to the nursery

Pre-K: Classroom A

Kindergarten & First Grade: Classroom B

Second & Third Grade: Classroom C

Fourth & Fifth Grade: Classroom D

On behalf of all the teachers, we are eager to have the children back in their regular classrooms as we teach and disciple them in God's Word.

We ask that you follow the general wellness policy as follows:

Please keep your child out of the nursery or Sunday School if they have any of these symptoms: fever, rash, vomiting, persistent cough, sore throat, or communicable diseases (i.e. chicken pox).

Should your child become ill suddenly while at NCC, we will isolate him or her, contact the medical staff, and you immediately.

We ask that anyone entering the nursery or classrooms, wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to entering.

Masks will not be required to be worn by the workers, and we would ask that you bring your own if you desire to wear one.

When dropping off your child, please have any necessary items that they may need contained in one bag.  Please only bring the necessities such as a diaper, pacifier, sippy cup, etc.  No blankets or personal toys will be allowed in at this time.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Ray or Diane.


Children's Church

Sunday, November 29 | 9:00 am & 10:30 | Classroom C

As you know, Sunday School provides children a wonderful time to learn about people and events of the Bible; to hear the words of Jesus Christ; and to seek to obey what they have learned in the classroom.  One of the ways we accomplish this is in Children's Church where they learn to pay attention to the doctrinally sound songs we sing.  This Sunday, children will be learning and singing the song, "Christ our Hope in Life and Death." To hear the song and learn the words, please click here.