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The Trellis Project_Icon 3Over the years we have grown and entered into new ministry work and our building has seen many adaptations. As we announced on Sunday, Nov 21st 2021 we have embarked on a discovery process to see how we can bring our facilities into line with our current growth and where we envision ministry to be going into the future. To help with this we brought in Vessel Architecture to analyze our space needs and provide us with options. We now have an updated Master Plan that will improve the practical function of our facility. Below are a few of the most significant highlights of this plan:

  • A building addition on the northside of our current building to add four additional classrooms to facilitate the teaching of God’s Word.
  • Two additional restrooms to accommodate the influx of attendance.

  • A basement storage area to enable us to bring our off-site storage to our property in climate controlled facility

Addition 2

  • The acquisition of additional property to secure additional space for growth, fellowship and community outreach (cost below does not include amminities)

South Site Plan

The plan we have chosen will accomplish all of this for approximately $1,900,000 – which is far less than the 10-12 million a new property and building would cost. In order to be able to move forward immediately for this urgent need, we have secured financing with our bank (Cass Commercial) for the classroom addition and property purchase.

However, our desire as elders is to minimize the amount of our debt service and raise as much capital as possible. As a result of your generous giving we have met budget for 2021 as of the month of November. Therefore, we are going to designate all regular giving and your year-end giving during the month of December for this project. In addition, we will have a special Christmas offering on Sunday, December 19th to go towards this project.

Upon getting this urgent project off of the ground, we will provide more specifics on the opportunity to develop the amenities on the new south site and the cost associated with these projects. We still must receive formal approval from the City of Wildwood for the site plan and close on the property before fundraising and buildingon the site. We hope to have additional details early in 2022 for specifics on developing this site.


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