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1st, 2nd & 3rd John - How To Know You Have Eternal Life

March 20 - May 8 

Wednesday evenings 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Becky Maycock's Home (608 Palace Place Ct, Ellisville)

How do you know you have eternal life?  Do you have it because you grew up in a Christian home, were you baptized as an adult, walked an aisle, signed a card or did a pastor tell you so?  Do you wonder if your salvation is real?  The study of the letters of John can help you evaluate where you personally stand with God.  This portion of the Holy Word presents clear contrasts between those born of God and those who are of the evil one. Perhaps doubts have risen in your heart concerning if loved ones who say they belong to God are truly born of Him.  This study will equip you to be used of God in helping others know if they have a saving relationship with our heavenly Father.  More than that, you will learn how to be pleasing in God's sight, what abiding in Christ looks like, and how to have genuine love.

Book $17

Contact Kitty Scott by email or at 314.452.8865 with any questions.

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