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Sunday Mornings 9:00 am and 10:30 am

Welcome to Equip K-Groups! The "K" stands for koinonia, which is "fellowship" in New Testament Greek. K-Groups are one of NCC’s expressions of a warm, fellowship environments in which we can fulfill the “one another” commands of Scripture while growing together in mutual discipleship and encouragement for the equipping of the body of Christ. Click here to listen to audio from current and past Equip classes.

Each of our adult K-Groups will be doing a Survey of the New Testament during the first and third quarters of 2019. See each of the K-Groups listed below: 

Current K-Groups


First Hour (9:00 am - 10:15 am)

Vessels (30-45)

Taught By: Ray Mehringer

Classroom 100

Topic: Parenting For Life

This will be a 11-week class, entitled, “Parenting for life.” It will be a biblical guide for shepherding the family. Whether you are a parent, want to be a parent, or are perhaps a grandparent, you will benefit greatly from the truths taught in this class. The class will begin at 9 AM in room 100, and of course, there will be great refreshments! 

“The task of parenting can be intimidating. In fact, I know of no more weighty responsibility in all the world. How we nurture and teach our children will continue to influence them even when they are old (Proverbs 22:6).”  - John MacArthur


Overcomers (60+)

Taught By: Andy Steele & Jerry Marshall

Classroom 200

Topic: Church History to 1000 AD

The first thousand years of the Christian church saw incredible changes.  The Roman Empire, which both persecuted and nurtured the Church, passed away.  Despite the coming of what many labeled the “Dark Ages”, Christianity thrived and spread throughout the known world.   This class will seek to look beyond the events;  we’ll study the struggle between heretics and orthodox and see how many of our key doctrines were recognized by the Church through study of God’s Word. 



Second Hour (10:30 am - 11:45 am)

Descend (6th - 12th)

Taught By: Jason Todd

Classroom 300

Topic: On Wednesday night, our minds Ascend to where Christ is, seated at God’s right hand. On Sunday mornings, we Descend from those heights to unpack, analyze, and reflect upon what it means that God descended to earth and interacted with his creation. This will be a systematic study of biblical theology with an application to the lives and situations of our students. We’d love you to join in the conversation!


Rooted (18-30)

Taught By: Mike Grant/ Jeremiah Kirberg

Classroom 100

Topic: Fundamentals Of The Faith

Do you desire to stand on rock-solid doctrine? Do you want to grow spiritually? Do you want to be equipped in evangelism and discipleship? Do you desire to learn how you can be part of unifying the church based upon shared understanding of God’s truth? If so, Fundamentals of the Faith is for you! This class will be rich for all believers at all stages of their walk with the Lord. This class will do a study on the Bible, the attributes of God, the person and work of Christ, salvation, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, prayer, the church, God’s will and several other key topics.


Core (45-60)

Taught By: Mark Drinkard/ Pete Monaghan

Classroom 200


Old Testament Theology by Mark Drinkard (April 14-May 26)

What exactly is the Old Testament?  A group of Jewish religious writings?  Christian Scripture?  This introduction to Old Testament Theology will focus on these questions and specifically address how we as New Covenant believers should approach and read the Hebrew Bible.  As we study the major works of Moses, the Prophets, and the Writings, we will focus on "everything written about" Jesus (Luke 24:44). 

9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Pete Monaghan (June 2-30)

What is a "Healthy" Church?  In this 5-week class, we will be studying this classic work on the subject of the doctrine of the church.  As opposed to an instruction manual for church growth, this will be a study of the tried and true Scriptural principles (9 of them) for assessing church health. 



Discovering NCC

The next session will begin on May 12th.  The class will meet at 9:00 in Classroom 300, and will be led by Pastor Jeremiah Kirberg.  Please sign up online or at the information desk.

This 4 - week class helps you learn more about New Community Church and the importance of committing yourself to a local church.  You will discover more in depth who we are, what we believe, and you'll understand our core values.  During your time in this class, we hope you will be encouraged by what God is doing at NCC and get prepared to join the family.