Due to COVID-19, after much prayer and discussion, the elders have decided NOT to gather for corporate worship on Sundays until further notice. 

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Sunday Mornings 9:00 am and 10:30 am

Welcome to Equip K-Groups! The "K" stands for koinonia, which is "fellowship" in New Testament Greek. K-Groups are one of NCC’s expressions of a warm, fellowship environments in which we can fulfill the “one another” commands of Scripture while growing together in mutual discipleship and encouragement for the equipping of the body of Christ. Click here to listen to audio from current and past Equip classes.

Each of our adult K-Groups will be doing a Survey of the New Testament during the first and third quarters of 2019. See each of the K-Groups listed below: 

1st Quarter K-Groups (Beginning January 5th)

In 2019 we began a two-year plan in our Equip K-Groups to survey the New Testament and we got through the gospels and started working through the Pauline epistles. We will continue our walk through the New Testament as we pick-up with the book of Galatians and continue through the remaining Pauline epistles to complete the first quarter of 2020. Please join one of the following K-Group as we study some of the richest truths in the scriptures and fellowship with one another.

First Hour (9:00 am - 10:15 am)

Rooted (18-30)

Taught By: Jeremiah Kiberg & Mike Grant

Classroom 100


Overcomers (60+)

Taught By: Bruce Scheidhauer

Classroom 200




Second Hour (10:30 am - 11:45 am)

Vessels (30-45)

Taught By: Mark Drinkard

Classroom 100


Core (45-60)

Taught By: Anthony Mawhorter & Pete Monaghan

Classroom 300


Descend (6th-12th Grade)

"Killing Sin"

Taught By: Drew Nilius

Classroom 200

Throughout this class, we will be going through an adaptation of John Owen’s book, The Mortification of Sin. This adaptation of Owen’s work is meant to help us hear from him and ultimately from the Word of God on how to fight and kill remaining sin in our lives. “Killing Sin” has been taken wholly from The Mortification of Sin, yet the language and some of the illustrations have been updated to help drive these truths home for a modern audience. This study will help us learn how to fight and ultimately kill the sin that is affecting our lives.