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Objective/Purpose: Provide a highly valued congregational care ministry founded on being agents of mercy to all who are in need. 

Mission Statement: Under leadership of the deacons, the Mercy Ministry of New Community Church expresses Christ-like compassion, kindness, mercy and love toward those of the church body experiencing personal hardship.  As disciples of Christ, we humbly seek to utilize the resources that God has abundantly supplied to meet their needs.  In doing so, our ultimate goal is to bring glory and honor to God for the opportunity we have to comfort, protect and encourage those in need.

Potential Needs to Address: 

  • Single Parents
  • Widows/widowers
  • Immigrants
  • Families with disabled children
  • Families with troubled children
  • Disabled adults
  • Shut-ins
  • Those with chronic illness who are house-bound
  • Elderly
  • Special needs

If you are interested in using your gifts and talents to serve the church family through the Mercy Ministry, please sign up here or contact Chuck Justus.

If you have a mercy need, please feel free to contact one of the Liaison Team Members.


Click here to read the Mercy Ministry Guidelines.