Due to COVID-19, after much prayer and discussion, the elders have decided NOT to gather for corporate worship on Sundays until further notice. 

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Wednesday Morning Study (May 1 - September 4)

No one has the time to study what the entire Bible says about every doctrinal question that may arise; therefore, it is very helpful to have the benefit of the work of others who have searched the Scripture and found answers to various topics.  Come join us men each Wednesday for this summer series - Systematic Theology: The Importance Of Truth - from 6:30am to 7:30am at 410 Sovereign Ct., Suite 13.  

"It will be a sustained effort to know the character, will and acts of the triune God as He has disclosed for His people in Scripture."

-David Wells

Please contact Ray Mehringer with any questions.


Saturday Morning

The Saturday morning study is discussion based as they work through specific books of the Bible. It is highly interactive, yet governed by the pursuit of comprehending the intended meaning of the Scriptures. It facilitates the cultivation of spiritually advantageous relationships. Pastor Jerry Marshall has taught this year-round study for 24 years to train the men of the church to be leaders. This study meets from 7:30-9:00 am in the Fellowship Center on the NCC Campus.



Explore our Small Group and Women's Bible Study options as well.