Due to COVID-19, after much prayer and discussion, the elders have decided NOT to gather for corporate worship on Sundays until further notice. 

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The Mandate

Parents have a mandate to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4; Col 3:21). Thus, parents are to be the primary evangelists and spiritual trainers of their children. This is a continuous command that is actively fulfilled by the parent while being a godly example, giving personal exhortation, and specific edification for the spiritual well-being of the child.

The Mindset

The church is called to encourage parents in their God-given task of raising godly children. This is clearly implied through the household commands (Col 3:18–21) and the church’s mandate to equip, edify, and encourage believers (Eph 4:12–16). Furthermore, the Scriptures call for strong Christian families that are growing and being molded through the ministry of the Body of Christ (Eph 5–6). Therefore, our church seeks to support and enhance the spiritual vitality of the home while never usurping the parental role and responsibility.

The Mission

Therefore, our mission is to support parents in their God-given role of raising children to obey Christ. We seek to accomplish this by equipping parents through classes, resources, and personal shepherding geared to elevate their effectiveness. We also seek to encourage care and biblical instruction to children so that parents can attend worship, Bible studies, or other ministry undistracted. Lastly, we seek to lovingly exhort those parents who may not have fully embraced their God given responsibility to raise their children in the Lord.