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Equipment Helper: Oversees set-up and clean-up of all soccer equipment and camp area.

Group Leader: Two leaders/teachers assigned for every 10 children. Available for spiritual questions from children and able to explain the gospel.

Assistant Group Leader: Help Group Leader. Will get snacks for children and sit with them during devotion time.

Administrator: Help with checkin/checkout, assist with onsite needs, signal movement of children.

Field Skills Leader: (Men/Women/Older Boys/Girls) Oversee groups, help with skills and learning about soccer. Requires soccer experience/knowledge.

Floater: Will do anything that is needed. Place me where you need me.

Snacks: Help prepare and serve snacks to children.

Security: Need men to secure the premises and watch over the children as they come and leave each day. (3-4 men)

Photographer: Need a person to take photos during camp on two days.

Hospitality & Evangelism: Engage the parents who are waiting on their children.  Clear understanding of the gospel and the church required.

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